Sound absorbing panels- create youre own well being in your rooms!

Almost all of our customers have thought about the details for an optimal room atmosphere in the office, presentation room, restaurants and hotel rooms. With our sound absorbing panels you get the best quality to feel comfortable.

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The reason why the sound matters

You are interested in an elegant solution to create a sound atmosphere where your employees and customers can feel good. Maybe you got in contact with negative reviews in the internet or on telephone that there is an unenjoyable echo in your background. That’s the problem of many offices they are looking good but are not enjoyable for the ears. With this wide noise scenery the communication, the concentration and the inspiration needs to suffer for this.

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Why is there an echo in your rooms?

The reason for bad room acoustic are the smooth surfaces. Echo waves from conversations, working and other noises gets reflected from like big windows, glass walls, smooth surfaces-. ceilings and tables and are the reason for that echo. The longer the reverbation is the more uncomfortable it is for our ears because the echo shines in different directions past our ears.

How can in improve my room acoustic?

There are many ways to improve the room acoustic with carpets, pad furniture or the coating of the smooth walls. But there is not every time the way to put up all of these articles in one room it would be easier to hang on a sound absorbing picture.

We, Primex with our specialization in the retail, exhibition area and interior knew that a stylish interior is not always fitted with an enjoyable room acoustic. Because of that we got a sound absorbing panel in our range of products which combines function and design. Create your own sound absorbing panel with individual and different motives and dimensions which fits in your facility.

Our sound absorbing panels -a shortcut through the technic of them-  are made of high quality absorbers with the sound absorbing class A which is checked and certificated from a testing institute.

They absorb all the unnecessary noises and perceived as a good looking picture which fits perfect in your office or room.

With all of that you can create a room atmosphere were guests and customers feel good and enjoy. you can improve your power and concentration at work becaause of the missing echo.

Come and watch in our sound absorbing panel online shop select your favorite one and send us your wish motive. For the sake of your room acoustice

If you missed the fitting images in high quality, we offer different image-series with attractive image motives. When you are interested in one of the series, make sure you visit our page in the rubrik "Image-series"  If your prefered theme is not in our range, sent us your ideas or preferences, gladly we create your individual image series for your necessities.

Your acoustic-profi team!


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